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A SHIFT IS a change of position, place, or direction. Even though it’s considered to be one or the other, if you make a shift in one you’ll generally shift in all three. A change in direction will put you in a different position which will eventually lead you to a different place…
-Shift Motivator

You are one decision away from being the person you desire to be and having the life you desire to live. Shift Motivations was created just for you; the individual that wants more out of life but struggling on finding the how. With “out of the box thinking,” we are more than a motivational agency; we are a life changing organization that breathes life into dying situations and create new ones. It’s never too late to live your dreams and fulfill your purpose. When life brings you bad situations create new ones. Only you can determine how far you go in life.

We are here as an aid to help SHIFT you into the next dimension of your life. Whether it be through a keynote presentation, workshop, seminar, church or non-profit organization function, corporation, etc. you can be assured that you will leave inspired, empowered, equipped, and educated to take on the task at hand.

“Shift Motivations-empowering and equipping minds to think different in order
to be different and live different.”

Step into “The Shift”

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