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In order for one to make a difference one must first be inspired and motivated to do so and that’s what you have with Michael Mariner aka “The Shift Motivator”….. Success is often obtained by embracing the necessary changes needed to obtain any level of success that we’re searching for. No one man is an island and we all need someone at some point in time to help navigate us through life’s challenges, changes, and obstacles. Michael Mariner aka “The Shift Motivator” is that navigator! He motivates, empowers, and inspires individuals to embrace the change necessary to be successful in life and how to embrace the process before the prize.

Michael has learned how to succeed in life by embracing change. Learning how to maneuver through life’s challenges, changes, and obstacles Michael has developed a passion to help others do the same. He states that when you learn how to master change, you learn how to master your life. Because he says, “It’s not the challenges that make us but the response to the challenges is what makes us” Life is all about change and if you can learn how to maneuver through life’s challenges, changes, and obstacles then you’ll find yourself on the other side of success.

Michael Mariner is an inspired author, motivational speaker, minister, and entrepreneur. Also known as the “Shift Motivator” Michael is the voice that helps govern the transition periods in your life while figuring your way to greatness. The “Shift Motivator” is energy in motion. He will captivate you and compel you to reach the highest height and deepest depth of your greatness. Driven by passion to change lives his energetic, powerful, and passionate delivery will leave you empowered, inspired, and equipped to reach your full potential and fulfill your life’s purpose by embracing the change necessary to receive the level of success desired.


His fulfillment comes from accelerating purpose by empowering and equipping minds to think different in order to live and be different; His philosophy of “Think different. Be different. Live different” is a philosophy he feels is needed in order to shift into the next dimension of your life. He is the Pres/Founder/CEO of Shift Motivations, LLC a company created to empower, inspire, and equip individuals to take action in fulfilling their life’s purpose and live out their greatness. Through personal empowerment and leadership development, Michael uses this platform to help shift thoughts into actions and impact lives to live a life beyond the norm by creating strategies that will propel you into your destiny and accelerate your purpose. He inspires, motivates, and empowers you to live a life by design not by default through his presentations and strategies that will show you how to tap into your greatest abilities and exhaust all efforts possible to reach your full potential. 

For those that know him knows him for his keen sense of business savvy and his energetic empowerment delivery. It was at the age of 17 that he realized there was more to life than what was being offered. As he began his first job at the age of 16 working for a local restaurant, although he learned everything that he could and operated with excellence what he learned at a high level, he quickly learned of the limitations that presented itself in the form of opportunity and it was at that moment he went on his journey in search for opportunity. 

As a young man he realized that even in the search of opportunity you have to be looking for it; it becomes a form of expectation. Through countless times of opportunities and uncertainties he found himself in positions he had no control of. As he found himself going through school and working that there was still a sense of emptiness. It was at that moment he realized his enactment to be an entrepreneur. He began to then look into multi-level marketing companies and begin to research the industry and at a young age he found himself building and leading teams in the billion dollar industry called network marketing. Through development processes and the successes and failures he’s gained knowledge that he now shares on his journey in helping people find their purpose and helping them to release the greatness within. Also with over 15 years of sales, marketing, leadership and management experience, mainly which he learned through the financial and personal development industry, in addition to the previous knowledge stated he also uses these skills to help train and develop audiences to reach their full potential and limitless possibilities. However, his message is,” in order for greatness to be released a shift has to take place.” A change in position, place, or direction has to take place within in order for greatness to be released without; His ability to adapt to change with his tenacity for greatness and excellence in the pursuit of any desired goal gives him an edge in today’s economy.

Michael is one who hasn’t let circumstances dictate his future and has persevered through life’s obstacles and challenges that many are faced with today. He is no stranger to adversity, just one notable obstacle he faced was going through the natural disasters, such as losing his home to the hurricanes of 2004 that caused record damage in the state of Florida, and having to learn how to adapt to the catastrophic change that transpired while trying to restructure and reorganize the life of his family. Being displaced for a period of 2 years while trying to get his families’ life back to normal showed him how with having a tenacious mindset and don’t quit attitude will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. It was during these trying times that he’d written his first book Faith Based Principles to Increase Your Finances, a book primarily about following faith based principles to receive increase for your life by rediscovering the faith needed and producing another level of faith to produce the external actions needed to capitalize on the gifts, talents, and abilities that you have to bring the increase that you need and let it serve a greater purpose for humanity and not selfish gain. It is in darkness that light shines the brightest and Michael encourages those to find that bright light in the midst of their dark moment. 

Michael has empowered many individuals, families and business owners to develop a more disciplined mindset with regard to their everyday decision making because it is those decisions made on a daily basis that will determine the ultimate picture that we see. 

As an advocate for the next generation, he also uses the same principles and motivation to help empower, educate, and equip the next generation of leaders to fulfill their purpose and live out their destiny. He believes that if we want to change our youth’s behaviors and outcomes, we have to inspire people to change their thinking – through positive and empowering examples. Furthermore, he has committed himself to helping the next generation of leaders discover and utilize every ounce of talent and ability given to them and direct it towards positive influence so that they can become productive citizens within their communities.

Michael’s message has impacted schools, churches, events, summits, and business owners. He’s been on various radio broadcasts, Mary Pitts Live, Wake Up Everybody, & In His Season just to name a few. He’s also been featured in Business Innovators, a syndication that interviews innovative leaders in business and a few others as well. He is the founder of the Transformers Youth Conference, a conference that brings together youth and young adults within the surrounding communities. He shows them how to transform lives through leadership and personal development within a faith-based setting.

Partner with Michael aka “The Shift Motivator” and bring him to your school, organization, business, non-profit organization, church, community event, etc. Michael’s audience ranges from youths to professionals. No matter the occasion, Michael is sure to have a powerful, lasting, and life changing impact that will change the course of your destiny! Get ready for an empowering experience that’ll leave you speechless!  

Looking for transformation, then "The Shift Motivator" is your guy! 

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