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In order for one to make a difference one must first be inspired and motivated to do so and that’s what you have with Michael Mariner aka “The Shift Motivator”…Michael discovered his passion for speaking after writing his first book and conducting financial seminars to educate the community on important matters he felt wasn't beng exposed to people within certain communities. It was not soon afterwards his passion grew after he began working with and mentoring youth and at-risk youth within his surrounding communities. Seeing the difference that was being made in the lives he was blessed to share his passion with to empower them for greatness and success, he sought out more ways to inspire and empower others through the realm of motivational speaking. 

No one man is an island to himself and we all need someone at some point in time to help navigate us through life’s challenges, changes, and obstacles. Michael Mariner aka “The Shift Motivator” is that navigator! His primary focus is to help individuals realize, comprehend, and operate from the greatness that lies within them and that no matter what happens in life you have the ability to change your circumstances and become who you were destined to be.

Michael Mariner is a husband, father, mentor, change agent and so much more. He is a sought out Motivational Speaker, Author & Success Coach! Michael is very diverse in his approach to helping audiences perform at their best while creating momentum for success! No matter if he’s speaking to individuals, teams, organizations, or business leaders, whether in person or virtually, Michael has the unique ability to relate to his audience with his powerful and energetic presentations and insightful books.  His principles and strategies will motivate, inspire, and empower you to reach your fullest potential while embracing the changes necessary that creates momentum for success. Michael's passion and motivational prowess stirs up excitement in others and encourages them to make a conscious decision to live life by design and not by default. Michael, aka “The Shift Motivator” has learned how to succeed in life by embracing challenges, changes, and obstacles, henceforth the name, “The Shift Motivator”…   and by learning how to maneuver through life's challenges, changes, and obstacles; Michael has developed a passion to help others do the same.  He states, that “we must think different and be different in order to live different” in order to have purposed driven results! Michael’s message will also empower you with the tools necessary that will help you to develop the mental prowess to break through any barriers in your life and discover the necessary activities that create success.


Michael’s influence transcends the scope of the stage; he’s a mentor, community leader and community activist! He’s a mentor to many including students, college and pro athletes, influencers and more….his impact is worldwide! Michael also has had the opportunity to add value to schools, teams, organizations, churches & non-profits and business leaders. They have all benefited from Michael’s presentations and books and they both have had a major impact on their performance! Michael has been featured on radio broadcasts, podcasts and he’s also been featured in Business Innovators, a syndication that interviews innovative leaders in business and a few others as well. Driven by passion to change lives with his energetic prowess, powerful, and passionate delivery, Michael will have you ready to conquer any obstacle.​​ Everyone wants change and success for the better, however being able to handle and navigate your way through change can present challenges and many adversities. Through tailored strategies, Michael will have you prepared to take on any task at hand that is hindering you from reaching your gaols and performing at your best. From his personal experiences of overcoming obstacles and setbacks from battling displacement from near homelessness, being laid off multiple times, finding himself as the under dog any many situations he incorporates all those lessons learned from the school of hard knocks, and shares principles and strategies from both an experiential and knowledgeable platform that are both relatable and applicable to any situation.

​Michael is no stranger to the media. He's been featured in Business Innovators, a syndication that interviews innovative leaders in business and a few others as well.  He’s been on various radio broadcasts/podcasts; Positive Power XXi, Mary Pitts Live, Wake Up Everybody, and In His Season just to name a few. Looking for motivation and empowerment with life changing content, then Michael Mariner aka "The Shift Motivator" is your guy! 

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Michael’s training goes beyond the scope of the platform; he’s a certified life coach, he’s also been certified as a professional speaker through Platinum Performance Global, taught by one of the top motivational speakers in the world, Mr. Peak Performance himself, Dr. Delatorro McNeal II.


Michael has also been certified as a world class communicator by The Leap Effect Group, a coaching and consulting company. Michael fuels himself from personal development and constantly develop himself through mentors and other trainings as well. He's constantly striving to operate in his full potential just as he teaches others to reach theirs. When you partner with Michael you don't have someone that just talks the talks but you have someone that walks the walk; from individuals to corporations, schools, organizations, nonprofits, etc., Michael's message of empowerment have influenced many and he would love the opportunity to work with you to motivate, inspire, and empower you and your audience to your next level of success! 

Michael is a mentor to many, including students, college and pro athletes….


His impact is worldwide!



Michael has currently authored 3 publications consisting of 2 books and 1 workbook with more on the way. He's Co-Authored in 2 other books with the great Willie Spears. Michael has consistently proven to be a voice for the next generation and those wanting a more quality of life. He's founder of the Transformers Youth Conference, a conference that empowers youth to develop the leader within and lead with purpose. 


When Michael isn't in front of an audience, physically or virtually, mentoring, doing outreach or volunteering within the community, Michael cherishes every moment with his family just  being a husband and father.


"Sometimes you're the only light someone will experience...shine bright"
-Michael Mariner


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