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In order for one to make a difference one must first be inspired and motivated to do so and that’s what you have with Michael Mariner aka “The Shift Motivator”….. Success is often obtained by embracing the necessary changes needed to obtain any level of success that we’re searching for. No one man is an island and we all need someone at some point in time to help navigate us through life’s challenges, changes, and obstacles. Michael Mariner aka “The Shift Motivator” is that navigator! He motivates, empowers, and inspires individuals to embrace the change necessary to be successful in life and how to embrace the process before the prize.

Michael Mariner is an inspired author, motivational speaker, minister, and entrepreneur. He's also a certified life coach and serves as a success coach by helping individuals create momentum for success by breaking down barriers and hindrances that keep you grounded from reaching the pinnacle of success. Also known as the “Shift Motivator” Michael is the voice that helps govern the transition periods in your life while figuring your way to greatness. The “Shift Motivator” is energy in motion. He will captivate you and compel you to reach the highest height and deepest depth of your greatness. Driven by passion to change lives his energetic, powerful, and passionate delivery will leave you empowered, inspired, and equipped to reach your full potential and fulfill your life’s purpose by embracing the change necessary to receive the level of success desired.

Michael's message to the world is Think different, Be different, Live different. He is the President/Founder/CEO of Shift Motivations, LLC, a company created to motivate, empower, inspire, and equip individuals and organizations to take action and make the shift in fulfilling their life’s purpose and live out their greatness by embracing the changes necessary to receive the level of success desired. He believes that it is important to not only adapt to the changes that come with the ages of time but to also create the change that shifts momentum for success.  Michael has learned how to succeed in life by embracing change. By learning how to maneuver through life's challenges, changes, and obstacles, Michael has developed a passion to help others do the same.  He states that when you learn how to master change, you learn how to master your life. Because he says, “It’s not the challenges that make us but it's the response to the challenges is what makes us” Life is all about change and if you can learn how to maneuver through life’s challenges, changes, and obstacles then you’ll find yourself on the other side of success.


Everyone wants change and success for the better, however being able to handle and navigate your way through change can present challenges and many adversities. Through tailored strategies encompassed with energy and empowerment, Michael will motivate, inspire, and empower you to embrace the changes necessary for obtaining the level of success that you desire. From his personal experiences of overcoming obstacles and setbacks incorporated with lessons learned from the school of hard knocks, Michael shares principles and strategies from both an experiential and knowledgeable platform that are both relatable and applicable to any situation.

Looking for motivation and empowerment with content, then Michael Mariner aka "The Shift Motivator" is your guy! Motivation and empowerment is his specialty. Michael's motivational prowess stirs up excitement in others and encourages them to make a conscious decision to live life by design and not by default. Michael is diversed in leadership development, personal development, entrepreneurship development, youth and student empowerment, success and positivity. Michael’s message of Think different, Be different, Live different has impacted individuals, schools, churches, events, summits, organizations and business owners. He’s been on various radio broadcasts/podcasts, Positive Power XXi, Mary Pitts Live, Wake Up Everybody, and In His Season just to name a few. He’s also been featured in Business Innovators, a syndication that interviews innovative leaders in business and a few others as well.

As an advocate of women empowerment,  Michael has also served and spoken at various women empowerment workshops— including BWIN (Business Women’s Inspirational Network) and Moms Building Wealth—a workshop promoting the unity of moms working together to create prosperity and true wealth. As a youth advocate for the next generation of leaders, Michael also spends a lot of his time mentoring and speaking with students on the successes and failures of life and overcoming obstacles to become what they were purposed for. His empowerment and motivational prowess has opened opportunities for him to empower and spend time with coaches, teachers and athletic teams.

Michael’s training goes beyond the scope of the platform; he’s a certified life coach, he’s been certified as a professional speaker through Platinum Performance Global and a certified world class communicator by The Leap Effect Group; from individuals to corporations, schools, organizations, nonprofits, etc., Michael's message of empowerment have influenced many and would love the opportunity to work with you to motivate, inspire, and empower you and your audience to your next level of success!



" The depth of your commitment determines the height of your success"

-Michael Mariner

Influence is contageous...

make sure it's positive

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