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"Giving you the advantage in life."




The LA Institute is the premier learning platform for the LA Advantage success course, a premier leadership and mentorship program for students, leaders, and entrepreneurs designed and created to help you develop the basic skills necessary to give you the advantage in life. This advantage, in return, will give you the opportunity to be successful in life no matter what road you decide to travel.

Whether you choose Corporate America or entrepreneurship, know that both roads will require similar characteristics and traits that are beneficial and also necessary to be successful within both arenas. Know that the earlier you discover these important attributes the better off your chance at success will be. 

Mentors have the ability to shorten your learning curve and by having mentors you can avoid unnecessary pitfalls that come along with discovering which road you desire to travel.

What will I learn?....these are some of the things you

will learn by enrolling in the LA Advantage

Learn your true identity so that you can identify your purpose

Learn the college process... is college really for you? 

Discover / rediscover your

passion in life

Learn about the entrepreneurial pathway; learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Uncover hidden gifts, talents,

and abilities

Learn how to unleash your full potential so that success won't elude you 

Learn financial literacy to have the economic advantage in life

Learn how to pay attention to detail

Learn how to think and not

What to think

Develop leadership skills that will help you learn to be proactive leaders that will make a positive impact within local as well as global communities


*If you are interested in bringing The LA Advantage curriculum to your school or enrolling into the LA Institute, email us at 

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